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Teradata Maximums (V2R5.0)

Written by Mike Dempsey

System Limits

Number of Databases/Users     4.2 Billion
Message length     1 MB
SQL request length     1 MB
Number of Active transactions     2,048
Data Parcel Length     65,104
Parcels in one message     256
SQL title length     60
String constant length     255
Data Format Descriptor Length     30
Error message text in failure parcel     255
Sessions per gateway (Max 1 gateway / Node)     1,200
Sessions per PE     120
Concurrent Utility jobs     15
Vprocs per system     16,384
Vprocs per Node     128
Data capacity per AMP - Unformatted     1.3 Tbyte

Database Limits

Tables per database     32,000
Journal tables per database     1
Columns per table     2,048
LOB columns per table     32
Columns per View / Spool file     512
Block Size 130,560    
Row size (approx)     64,256
Column size (approx)     64,000
LOB size     2 GB
Column / Table name length     30
Number of columns per index     62
Secondary / Join indexes per table     32
Table level constraints per table     100
Referential constraints per table     64
Tables that can reference a table     64
Columns in Foreign & Parent key     16
View / Macro nesting levels     8
Rows per table     limited by space available

Session Limits

Spool Files     2048
Global Temporary Tables     1000
Volatile Temporary Tables     2000
Parallel steps performed ( If no channels)     20
Number of channels     10

Redistribution across AMPs uses 4 channels

Non prime Index (without redistribution) uses 2 channels

Developed from an Attachment provided by Mike Dempsey.

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